Efficient driving course


Vehicle manufacturers have been working for years to reduce engine consumption and CO2 emissions, but this is not enough, if the driver does not adapt his driving with the new technologies.

We propose to train your team in efficient driving, reducing fuel consumption, vehicle wear, and at the same time gaining safety and efficiency during your journeys.

These courses can be taken in any location, since the practical part is carried out in open circulation. It’s practical course, in which two driving laps are made, a first one before explaining any concepts, and a second lap applying everything seen and taught during the theoretical part.

At the end of the second lap, the results of fuel consumption and average speed are compared to analyse the advantages achieved. In addition, efficient driving will make drivers more attentive to driving with a more defensive attitude.

We teach these courses to different groups, and we have an average consumption reduction of more than 1l/100km between the first and the second round of driving, but this is not the greatest benefit, since between the two laps we get that the driver is much more relaxed, being more aware of what he does behind the wheel and managing to maintain an average speed.